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  1. I'm a musician, and if you have a problem with music, I can help you with great pleasure. but I have been working and learning in this field for several weeks. I do not hesitate to ask and learn. civilization came to this stage with the help of people to each other. We should not forget. no need to offend. @JorgoWorgo İ found the values in Double and i was able to change values. But when i use 1, it backs to the original value. Freezing or adding doesn't work. İm keep trying.
  2. I saw topics waiting for answers for 1 year. if nobody will answer or help the problem, what does the request section matter? I'm just asking for curiosity...
  3. İ think forum is dead. No one reply any topics.
  4. Any idea ? Still trying something but seems values are stored in the server. Now im trying to change achievement rewards. Lets see what happens. Edit : not worked.
  5. Hello everyone. İ want to share this brilliant idle game with you. PSLink: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.immortaltaoists.en Half of the game is server based. Every change you make is just visual. I have tried many methods, but I can not get a result. I ask you everything that can help in-game development. Thanks in advance.
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