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    Sector 7 erro

    After altering some packs and stuff, now i cannot enter sector 7 ( It says ERROR PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER) , but yesterday i could. Is anybody facing this issue!?
  2. Yes thats right. although i have to rely on scripts to find values, it would have been better if anyone just put all the item codes in a script and leave the rest to the public to swap. Would have been easier.
  3. I was just saying about swapping items in inbox. I mean i can swap things in my,inbox. like food items or any parts or equipments, to anything thats possible. althought to find code i use another script, what i do is just find codes of the item i want copy it and then find codes of item in inbox and just replace it.( i have unlimited inbox done before). After taking what i need, i just revert the changes. personally i do this because i dont have any coins to buy gasoline so i dont have gasoline to swap. And moreover its more stable than the gasoline trick. Gasoline just doesnt works sometimes.
  4. Also somebody has anything related to energy hack!?
  5. Why everyone is using gasoline to swap. I guess we can just any item from inbox. like i swap beer or juicy steak. many times gasoline disappears after restart, but food items dont.
  6. How to find Id. can you please point me to any guide or video
  7. Anyone facing this problem, i found solution. U have to use the specific version of LDOE. that is 1.15 and the code 500543. People downloading from play store have version 1.15 and code 600543, and the script doesnt works in this version.
  8. I dont have gasoline in inbox and neither i have any coins to buy. But i have wood and stones in inbox, which i successfully managed to make 999. Can anyone please advise what are the values to be used to change these stones or wood to any object.
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