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  1. I write my admin panel, but i wan't make this
  2. Yanik

    How make anti-hook

    Help me please. How make anti-hook
  3. Yanik

    Help me fix code

    I already have this enc, but me need fix this code
  4. Yanik

    Help me fix code

    After using this code, I keep getting Restart Script error, where did I go wrong? if _G.debug.getinfo(gg.alert).source == "=[Java]" then else gg.alert("Error 94: Auto Decompiler Detected!","") print("Error 94: Auto Decompiler Detected!") return end a = {} for SRD1_5_ = 1, 400000 do table.insert(a, { address = 0 + SRD1_5_, flags = 4, values = 0 }) end t1 = os.time() for SRD1_5_ = 1, 6 do gg.removeResults(a) end gg.clearList() t2, a = os.time(), "Error 37: Restart Script" if t2 < t1 then gg.alert("Error 28: Time","") print("Error 28: Time") return end if os.difftime(t2, t1) < 5.6 then print(a) return gg.alert(a, "") end if tostring(os):find("@") then gg.alert("Error 12: Stop Using Compiler!", "") print("Error 12: Stop Using Compiler!") return end
  5. View File Among us script Hello, i update Among Us script Creator Public_Scripts Rama Production. Submitter Yanik Submitted 09/22/2020 Category LUA scripts  
  6. Version 2.0


    Hello, i update Among Us script Creator Public_Scripts Rama Production.
  7. Yanik

    How make this, help me

    Once I decrypted the script through a dump or a load and saw this thing I want to make this for myself for the encrypt
  8. View File Decrypted Standoff 2 script Decrypted Submitter Yanik Submitted 08/27/2020 Category LUA scripts  
  9. Version 1.0.0


  10. Yanik

    Help Encrypt Script

    gg.alert('Stop Using Compiler !!') No, this Block compiler, this don't gg.alert
  11. Yanik

    Help Encrypt Script

    Hi, Who now, how make this [added 0 minutes later]
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