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  1. I did . Looks like people have actually started working in that game headquarters xD .
  2. @SAGEPAPI Yes I did exactly that . But when I buy that pack after editing rubies to 250,000 ,my game restarts and it shows me that I brought only 1250 rubies , and not the edited amount of 250K . I will post Screen Recording.
  3. Sorry i am a noob and can't understand what you mean bud . Below is the pack I hack , 1250 rubies ..I edit it to more value for eg 250,000 . But can't now since game restarts everytime I change the value from GG.
  4. Can upload Screen Recording if it's Needed.
  5. After Editing the value of the resources of a pack, game restarts and the edited value is back to default value what the game has set .
  6. I Change the value of a pack and after 5seconds of buying that pack when i change it to desired value , the game restarts and i am back to where i was before changing the value . [added 1 minute later] Game is War Dragons
  7. Still can't change it . It remains the same even after searching in Auto Mode. That's the pack below in image . I want to change the value of 100 Black Pearls. Have tried several times in Auto , DWord , Float .. but just cant change the value of x 100 .. elemental embers or rubies can be changed easily in DWORD . How can that value of x100 be changed ?
  8. I just started using GG and used it to change values of a Gems in in-game pack. The pack offered for eg 1500 gems in a 20$ pack. I searched for 1500 in DWORD and changed it to 150,000 . And bought the pack after changing the value . It worked just fine like expected . Now there is pack in game that offers another in game resource . That pack has 6000 gems and 25 Diamonds and 25 Health Potions . I want to change the value of 25 Diamonds to 2500 but when i search 25 in DWORD with that pack opened on screen in background of GG , It can't be found , so i can't change the value of that 25 .
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