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  1. ulieeV

    Werewolf Online

    Please take a look at topic
  2. ulieeV

    Werewolf Online

    Need real pro hackers
  3. ulieeV

    Werewolf Online

    Looking for support thanks
  4. ulieeV

    Werewolf Online

    Yeah, the button is moving after watch ads, then I looking for way to infinite spin without ads, or get the highest prize (30gold) every time
  5. Hi everybody, I use this Android emu to play game, because it very light, with a lot of feature but I can use Game Guadian to hack, when I touch start, nothing happened. Does anyone use this emulator before? Thanks! http://mumu.163.com/global/download/en/
  6. ulieeV

    Werewolf Online

    Hi everyone I looking for hack this game Werewolf Online https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.werewolfapps.online&hl=en Can I hack this wheel, it use rose to roll to earn gold (200-800g). The wheel is show when you touch to rose in inventory. I know the data is server side but can I change the amount of rose take when roll (30 rose) or chance to get the max gold of wheel (800 gold) Thanks for your help!
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