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  1. So I tried changing values, freezing them etc., but anytime the game detects a change it just reloads and the values reset. I tried changing rewards from daily quests, price at shop but same story. The only time values change is in combat. You can have unlimited turns and rage. So it might be possible to change battle rewards but you can't really see the value before battle. Google Play link https://gameguardian.net/yyhauus5 Apk link https://m.apkpure.com/knighthood/com.king.knightsrage
  2. I recorded a logcat via adb. Hope it helps GGcrash.txt
  3. But is it possible to record logcat without root?
  4. Game guardian keeps crashing whenever I try to search for encrypted values in Parallel Space. Is this function not supported in Parallel Space or I need to tweak something?
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