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  1. im0ren

    Mario Kart tour

    @iceyzz Bluestacks doesnt allow GG installation, Nox and MEmu dont support mario kart tour, best option as of now is to just used rooted device.
  2. im0ren

    Mario Kart tour

    Thanks man, tutorials are allways apreciated.
  3. here one example: https://platinmods.com/threads/age-of-magic-ver-1-15-mod-menu-apk-one-hit-kill-god-mod-instant-win-no-ads-no-bugs.65390/
  4. Game has already been hacked. You can find hacked versions on some forums.
  5. EDIT: posted this on help but realized it was the wrong topic so here i am. Hello guys, first off wanted to say hi since its my first post here, just created the account but have been reading you guys for a long time. Im trying to work on city island 5, its an offline game so no server issues, so far : speed hack working fine, lucky patcher working fine, currencies were edited also, now im trying to work on the experience, what I am doing is group search for a specific building to find and change the exp it gives, in this case original building gives 600 exp, I find value without problem, but when i try to edit the value some other characteristic (in purple) appears on building, subtracting the change i made. for the picture i changed 600 to 650 and the (+-50) appeared in purple. Can somebody give me a little clue or help me with this ? maybe there is another variable im overlooking.
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