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  1. Hi everyone, I wanted to install gameguardian and Parnell Space in my phone. Im using S10 plus no root device. 1. I install Parallel_Space_4.0.8840_gg_signed. Successfully installed. 2. I install GameGuardian.83.0.apk. 3. I add GameGuardian.830.0.apk in to Parallel_Space_4.0.8840_gg_signed. 4. Once i add GameGuardian in to parallel space, i open it. Pop up a message saying that "Your GameGuardian is for 64bit. It works only if you installed parallel space 64bit." 5. I download Parallel_Space_64Bit_Support_1.0.3053_gg_signed and install it. Pop up message saying that "App not installed" Why like that?
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