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  1. Great stuff, I built out a script to dump ranges into the encoded save file for all 4 vaults and was running through loading those saves for 80 item ID's at a time, was taking a while...
  2. Couple points about issues described in previous posts. If you are just starting the game there is a quest which determines you are beyond the "demo" period of the game, somewhere around the sewers. This triggers you to carry more than 100k gold without any issues. So if you change gold above 100k prior to this point in the game it will reset all of your items/stats to level 1 with a minimal amount of gold at next game load. Once you get past this quest you can increase gold to whatever you decide. As for an alternative to easily modify things in the game the .sav files are only base64 encoded, decode that make any value changes you like to the save and then encode again. A quick google search will provide encode/decode options. Enjoy making any change to the game you can desire. As a side I came here looking for a list of item id's if anyone has begun to compile one.
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