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    Archero Script

    after watching the video, I got item hack to work! Thanks you.
  2. winankid

    Archero Script

    i tried the item hack again, but this time in-match. I made over 1k of each scrolls and they r all vitrual only because i keep getting the "insufficient" pop-up when i tried to upgrade items. Also, I didn't have problems making and using legendary items from scrolls, but they disappear after i exit/restart the app.
  3. winankid

    Archero Script

    Thank you so much! For me, the item hack is visual only... For example, when I changed the number of weapon scrolls from 4 to 114, the game knows I only have 4 and refuses to let me upgrade weapons that require more than 4 scrolls. Also, all the legendary items I made by converting the scrolls did not change my attack or health stats. And after restarting the game, all the legendary items revert back to scrolls... Maybe I'm not following the steps correctly, but everything else works as intended!
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