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  1. Did you use a speed hack to max magizoologist level? I can't max it because speed hack doesn't work for me -.- I modified the house points the same way I modified attributes. However, it didn't have an effect on the event. I guess it's server sided. It still help winning the house cup though.
  2. 1) Make sure your game is paused when changing the value 2) There are two values you need to change. For example, you have 15 energy. Dword search value 15. Spend one energy, Dword search 14 and click on "refine", do this until you there is only one value left. Click on it, click on "Go to". MAKE SURE THE GAME IS PAUSED. Change the value to e.g. 100000. Then take the value four rows under it and change it to 100000X8 (first row: edit, second row: do nothing, third row: do nothing, fourth row: do nothing, fifth row: edit). Go back to your game, spend energy and your energy should change to 100000. Look at this video:
  3. Hello, I just started experimenting with Game Guardian recently and like it so far. Changing the values of energy, currency, gems, attribute xp, level xp and friendship xp was very easy after a short learning progress and thanks to the detailed explanations in this thread. Thanks to everyone contributing in this thread and for everyone involved with this program. Like other people here I have problems with adding books. It might have been patched. I would really appreciate it if someone with some knowledge in this topic could look into it. Furthermore, I don‘t have an Android device so I‘m using an emulator (NoxPlayer for Windows). Speedhack/Time Jump doesn‘t work with it and therefore changing the magizoology xp doesn't work. If someone is using another Android emulator (Windows/Mac) and has Speedhack working, I‘d be very grateful if you could share the name of the emulator, version and operating system with me. You‘d have to search for each book type individually, right? How did you manage to get enough books to reduce your results to 1 or 2 values? Books are really difficult to get imo.
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