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  1. I fixed it for myself, try all 4 options from hide gameguardian
  2. Everytime i try to change my coins my game crashes after i change the values Edit: the same thing happens with tickets.
  3. yeah, i think only a rooted device will work
  4. Speedhack 0.1 Time jump 10 seconds
  5. Im not using mario kart tour, just my mobile
  6. @NoFear maybe you know how to cheat these coins?
  7. I got it working with gameguardian but, i had no chance cheating in this game somebody out there that knows more?
  8. Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nintendo.zaka&hl=de does someone know how to hack rubies or coins? i wasn't able to start this game on rooted device. please help
  9. Need help with cheating Didn't tried cheating but its gonna be hard Gold, stats,sell worth etc.
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