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  1. Hey guys I tried many ways to increase the timer in the game crowd city which is a offline game but no method is working....can you please see the game and tell me how to make the timer infinite...i also tried adding negative time but it is not working.. Thanks.
  2. Can you please explain anonymous region... or just give me a hint or link to the post where timer controls are mentioned
  3. But what should i type in dword to search time...I tried entering the seconds number as it changed by refining it but at last got nothing. If possible can you please download the game"crowd city" it has small size so wont take much data and then tell me step by step how did you made that timer increase to a very large value. Thank you.
  4. Yes it is offline game with bots
  5. I have a game called crowd city in which we get 2 minutes to score points by killing other players and after that the player with highest point wins. I don't want to score but kill everyone so is there anyway i can increase timer from 2 min to more time like 1 hour by gg?
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