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  1. Josheydon7


    It's working but saying it needs a login to activate the hack for pacybird so do I need a doner to make it work
  2. Josheydon7


    Hi @BadCase it's Joshheydon7 again I've tried downloading the new script that you released for pacybits but everytime I load it up for the script to download on the game it doesn't work and says script ended straight away can you help me please and tell me how to make it work thanks
  3. Okay thank you ever so much for getting back to me
  4. Hi @BadCase I've got two questions to ask first question is when are you going to work on updating mk11 and how to hack it and 2nd question is will you create the pacybits ltm hack (pacybird) and what will all of us who play it have to do to make it work thanks
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