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  1. Just wondering if there’s a certain way to use Call of Duty Mobile with game guardian. When I use it through game guardian the game loads up to about 25% then just closes
  2. Yeah I was using max multi shot and it crashes so Level 2 multishot as in 2x multishot?
  3. Does Bullet Force crash during a match?
  4. Did you ever sort out this problem? _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later I use to think when the script turns off it turns the hacks off but it doesn’t it just closes the menu _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later Is it just me or is this game always crashing with the hacks. I can barely finish a match without it crashing. If I snipe the whole game it’s fine but all the other guns it just crashes when I kill heaps of people at once with Max fire rate and max multi shoot
  5. Been using the script for a few days now but the problem is it keeps crashing and I can never finish a game. How can I stop it from crashing mid match? I use max fire rate and max multi shots and speed hack x2 Also no recoil doesn’t work, freeze ammo doesn’t work, Infinite ammo doesn’t work and shoot while reloading doesn’t work
  6. I installed this script and loaded it up and selected my cheats I want to use but the menu stays open and when you close the menu the script turns off. How do you close the menu?
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