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Another In-App Purchase Hack Method

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Ok, so there's a lot to lucky patcher.

First, there's 2 methods. One of them you guys are trying.

Another is where you install modded google play.

You do this by:

1. Going to lucky patcher settings menu.

2. Clicking "install modded google play", snd choosing the latest version (not proxy!)

3. Click install, and your device will reboot.

4. Install Xposed from here:http://repo.xposed.info/module/de.robv.android.xposed.installer

5. Enable installation from unknown sources, and install.

6. Go to the app, and go to framework, and install & reboot.

7. Go to the Xposed app again, and enable the lucky patcher app, and reboot.

8.Go to lucky pather, click on the three dots, and check all of them, and click apply.(ignore test failed thing)

9. Go to your game and purchase something (ensuring you didn't patch the app, and the luckypatcher thing comes up)


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try with other application like : happymod

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