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WW2 Strategy Battle (version 900- 64 bits)


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Good morning
I'm trying to improve the capabilities of the modules in the game, but on the existing post, nothing works.
is there an addon that could help us find addresses by pointing?
thanking you

what I'm looking for is to understand how this game works

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Posted (edited)
46 minutes ago, MonkeySAN said:

1.What game? 

2.Got any link to that game?

3.Modules..what is that?

the name : world war2 . version 900 (actualy) 



everything I find on this forum related to this game does not work at all

Next, I was wondering if there was something that could make things easier for us to find hexadecimal addresses



WW2 Strategy Battle (Cannot Find the Range Atk/Mobility attributes) (#96l3the4)


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3 minutes ago, MonkeySAN said:

you meant something like this?


for example, without going so far into the numbers. or know if we can produce several numbers at once, etc etc

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1 minute ago, MonkeySAN said:

mind you..my english is not that good.

so i dont really get of what you actually want to achieve here.

its all about numbers(to search) plus its quite easy to find all those values..if that really yours target in the first place.

otherwise i dont know.


in the original figures, there are a lot of them.
see if there was a simpler method to get troop addresses (the reason to know if there is an addon to find these variables).
your English is understandable, this is the most important

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