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Script for LQM VN [64]-BEXIU[GG]V2.lua


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Script for LQM VN [64]-BEXIU[GG]V2.lua

Script hack for AOV Vietnam 64bit


Version: 64bit

Password: 278939

Mod features 

Remove report (turn on before main tower blow up. Turn off when go back to lobby.)

Hack map

Can sell everything to earn coin.

Exit lobby quick (rank)

iPad view 3 level

Show HP, skill 3, profile, fix lag, 60 - 120 fps.

Anti chat-ban can use backlist-words in battle



Remove report {anti-report}

Remove report function, unable to report.

Completely delete match data.

Disconnect from the server.

Block records battle.


The first time the script runs, it takes 20 seconds to load completely. Please be patient.
Xóa rp ~remove report (battle). Turn on "Xoá rp" before main tower blow up. Turn off when go back to lobby. Actually don't need turn on.

How to use script:

Turn on all menu, except 1st menu "Xoá rp", only turn ơn before main tower burst, turn off when go back lobby. That's it

I am the owner of this script


Video how to active remove rp

Video how to set up



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7 hours ago, robinhut said:

I dont have x64 device 😞

Can you give a tutorial to dump and some string to search offset of this game?

Thank you!

I can do script hack for 32bit, almost people can use x64bit, but if many people require, I can do a version for 32bit.

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