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Final Fantasy IX


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Hi Everyone,


Hoping for a little guidance on editing some values in FF9 if that's okay?


I have a fair understanding of editing simple values such has gil etc - but one thing I am struggling to change (past a certain value) is when you do the jump rope count at the start of the game with ViVi

As you go past each threshold of the jump rope you gain an item or card but what I have found is that the jump rope value found has both a DWord value and a Byte value (the latter of which is, as far as I understand, restricted to how high this can be edited)


What this means is, I am unable to edit the jump rope count past about 250 - The maximum value reward on jump rope is 1000 and I am never going to get that high with reflexes! 


I can't seem to get the handle on how to edit byte values alongside the Dword values and hoping someone can shed some light or help to explain it in terms that I can relate to this game?


I hope this post is okay as I was hit recently with a day ban for some reason and wasn't overly sure why. 


Thank you 



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1 hour ago, under_score said:

its stored as a byte.

you cant change the max value of a type.

try to find other values that are stored in a different type

Many thanks. 

I’ve tried all the other ones to search in and only Byte seems to actually change the value which essentially limits me to 255.


I must be missing something but unfortunately I’m not super experienced with editing values outside of the basic Dword editing etc…

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