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Google play service not working



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On 8/6/2022 at 9:14 PM, Maheshwarrior said:

Google play games not working in Parallel space all permission allowed but not connecting parallel space developers can give solution

Hi! Parallel Space might have bugs here and there. I suggest to try several things:

  • - Use Virtual Android, it is from developed by Parallel Space itself
  • - Since Parallel Space borrows Google Play Services from your Android, You might try to import the newer Google Play Services into Parallel Space. However, i'm not exactly sure if this going to work, since Parallel Space is setup to use Outer Services; meaning it's not using Google Play Services inside Parallel Space. Correct me if i'm wrong tho..
  • - As option number one, Virtual Android is the suitable option as it's includes it's own Google Play Services. The Alternative to this is; VMos Pro, V8Box, X8 Sandbox and F1VM. As a Side Note: using Virtual Android does indeed use more RAM and Battery, make sure that you've atleast 4GB+ of RAM
  • - As a basic fixes; first you might want to clear your Parallel Space cache and 'Force Stop' the app. Once re-open, it may actually loads current Google Play Services correctly. 

Also, if you can, please include a screenshot regarding your issues. 

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