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Pixel Gun 3d Currency Script 22.5.1

I will not be updating the script here anymore.

Made by me - hah#7126

I got it to work in 22.5.4 as well!


A better version of the lottery and sets script.

Changes the lottery rewards to the values you choose.

Ima keep updating this until it gets patched which is probably soon. idk why this still works. Wont be posting any other scripts i made though

Ask me on discord about free super chest and other scripts instead of commenting here


Run the script (press the gameguardian triangle play icon) in the pg3d LOBBY
Choose how many gems you want the chests to give you.

Only Works on ARM64. (If using emulator go to emulator multi-instance manager and create a new 64bit emulator.)

How to tell if you are not on ARM64? When you choose the pg3d process in gameguardian when the game starts, it should say x64 beside the pg3d icon or else you are not on 64bit

ALSO It depends on where you got the obb from. Google play store will be 64 bit if you are on a 64bit device






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On 6/12/2022 at 3:03 PM, mikipompon said:

how does the free chest work


read the usage. It changes the super chest point requirement to 2 so everytime u open any chest you will get a free super chest. 

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The only bad thing that I think the script has in this new version is that you can't get coins if you don't fill the super chest, so you can't improve pets or modules, that's the only negative, I'm not being demanding, on the contrary, I'm grateful for the script but that's the bad thing about this new update

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Question, does it need sets and lottery chests unlocked for it to work? Because I'm on a new account with only lottery chests unlocked and it didn't work for me, any help?

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Script not working
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