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Please Optimized this Virtual app for Game GuardianšŸ™


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    • By ExclamationPoint
      There's nothing much to say, it's explained in the tile, I can't upload all files here either way so just chdck the video
      Yes it works fine and yes I will update and yes it's just making the parallel space app debugabble which Enyby for sum reason just didn't do(I won't ask but generally annoyed by that lol)Ā 
      The video to fix
      If you need any helo reply here or Dm me anywhere(Discord is definetly the best way bruh)Ā 
    • By lolvatveo
      Having problems with the virtual environment? Your phone doesn't have root and you can't do as you want?. As we all know, with a regular android phone without root they are really kept by the manufacturer and you have to use presets, with root you really have full control over your smartphone and you are the real Administrator. Unfortunately & What a pity, not everyone have rooted on their phones and understanding to root for their needs is prevented, bound by the manufacturer and the operating system. About the X8 Sandbox virtual environment application, few people know it, but now you know you have basic root to use apps like GG, hack games :). Etc . Download now: šŸ‘‰X8 Sandbox
      Advanced mode, easily control your root privileges. Only one button activates Xposed Framework. Lots of game plugins to use.

    • By soronorjs
      I am having a hard time makingĀ any virtual space work I have triedĀ Parallel space, Parallel space proĀ andĀ VirualXposedĀ with some daemon won't run issue. I am using a android mobile below 9.0.0 and above 8.0.0.
      Thanks in advance
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