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account sign outs - moderation



I thought it would be best to make a post about this specific subject. However i do not expect any reply but "please" do consider my points (which is only a personal opinion)

Some months ago this site had quite some external changes. However there are some major issues that i really advice to take care of because they make the experience on the site really unpleasant (at least for me)
I keep getting signed out of my account. Normally the site should remember my account, in this case it does not. No matter which device i am using. I log in successfully, the moment i get of the browser i will be signed out...then i have to re-log again. Each time put user and password. Now if there would not be a function called "remember me" then i would not have any problems. But please, when a user signs in to a account and they make sure that they want the site to remember them, then its for the best to keep there accounts signed in. Just as it was before the major external site update.

Then there is the issue( at least i call it a issue) regarding moderation. when a user on this site uploads something approval is needed. Of course i have no saying what one is doing in his personal life but there is clearly a lack of moderation. In particular moderation for the approval of content. For example scripts. Can take up to 3-4 days to have your script approved. This was for sure not the case in the past. Imagine that your new to this site and you want to discuss something regarding help because you want to have a game cheated, discuss technical matters, have constructive conversation...etc for that as well approval is needed, which as a new by as well can take up to 3-4 days...That is not a pleasant experience. I really believe that it is in the benefit for the old and new members on the forum to have more moderators to over see the site, at least for the approval part. It has been years since one has been approved. Having more "trusted" and "matured" moderators here would for sure make the forum more fuctional.

Further then that i have nothing more to say as i always support GG (but please do consider the above message)

Thank you.

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