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Galaxy Invaders - Alien Shooter


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2 minutes ago, MonkeySAN said:

now you know how to fish...

why not try to get your own fish now.


I suppose u tryed all id from 1 to 203 to find all ids?

so i know how to move ty

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6 hours ago, kp249 said:

1 thing I can't sort out.

Despite all PVP avatar frames unlocked I can't use them.

Maybe someone more skilled than me could take a look?

>Ya i was thinking the same thing....

Also i was trying to play on MEMU emulator and put the Steering Wheel

but it goes in jerks and the movement is not fluid...any tips to play fluid?

2021-09-09 18_33_02-MEmu.png

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On 9/4/2021 at 7:02 PM, MonkeySAN said:


no.1 = item ID

no.2 = price

no.3 = lock(1 = in stock, 0 = out of stock)

no.4 = quantity

freeze the no.3 with value 1.


Could you repost please image? It's gone.


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