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game guardian 101.1 crashed while selecting the type of floating windows

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environment: samsung galaxy s20 ultra 5g (root by magisk), android 11

root: with root permission

version: gg 101.1

can be reproduced: yes on my phone

description: in the start page, tap <fix it> and find <select the type of floating windows>, then some squares with different color popped out and a big cancel button. after tapping the cancel button, some squares did not disappear and gg froze, followed by a notification saying gg has crashed and some logs have been written. after reopening gg, selecting <prevent unload: level 3> and redo the same process, gg crashed again. XD

here are the compressed log file and some screenshots.



crash.txt GG_logcat_r101.1_16142_11_30.zip logcat.zip

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