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Anybody still interested in this game you can hack anything in this game. Player names & stats, club names, reputation, sponsors. Everything is stored in a database which can be edited. Message me if you want info on how to do it.

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18 hours ago, trilly101 said:

anyone knows how to use game guardian and football agent on latest android 11 without root

Money & reputation hacks still work as I explained earlier in this thread. Database can be edited but I'm not sure if that will work without root.

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35 minutes ago, trilly101 said:

@blocx thanks bro it worked

i can easily hack money, but I'm still finding it hard to master the reputation part

Reputation for me is in memory range Other. I think that means some people might find it in C_Alloc depending on the device.

You need to search double your current reputation dword. So, if your reputation currently says 74 then you would search 148. Then change your rep and refine in the same way.

It will only be temporary. Once you close the game and restart it will be at the correct amount unless you edit the database then it would be permanent.

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