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Discord Discussions when caught Cheating


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so its been months and i hacked this mmo rpg game and people report me at the discord server and say cheater ,I Just Say Im Bugged To Glitches That Even The devs Them Selves realeased an Update For Bug Fix But Its Still There "Hacks". 

discord chat be like :

:You were going fast

me: No you might have ping issues

:you were invisible

:you were blind i had camos on the game full of bugs It Aint Hacks 


plot twist im on the leaderboards

[added 2 minutes later]

like once i used a teleportation hack to get to enemy base and froze the x z and y so i respawn there, 

I Said Im Bugged My Own Team Mates Killing Me -^- It Works Still Until Now

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