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Freezed games

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Hi dear.

my game guardian is not stop or bot freezed games online/offline games

please help me for this problem.

my phone

Galaxy a5 2017

android 8

gg parallel space signed

parallel space 64 bit support

is installed in my phone.


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    • By 2DANK4YOU
      I was trying to cheat a cool game called 'Naruto x Boruto: Ninja Voltage' aaaand this game detected my game guardian when i selected him, 
      Ps: the game only recognizes the GG when you select the game in the GameGuardian
      SCREENSHOT 1: Game fine (when gg was selected in a random thing)
      Screenshot 2: When i selected the game (The game just force closed) 
      PLS HELP! \*O*/

    • By nio04
      And now before proceeding, let me clear something... this procced takes a long time... but works for sure! 
      single wepon no - recoil :
      memory range : ANONYMOUS;
      value _ type : D - WORD;
      proceeding : 
      just take your favorite gun.
      hit search your gun bullet 
      shoot again
      refine search your bullet values...
      lastly you will find 2 values...
      confirm your real bullet values
      save the value in saved tab (optional)
      then go to memory 
      And now is the time for trial & error. take 10-15 values and edit them to  5 - freezed. 
      heads -up : you will probably face crash. mind the note - which values you are editing. and next time, dont edit them
      GROUP SEARCH : This is the easiest part. but i will just guess, you dont know how to make group values 
      procced : in the memory page [memory page - the page you are in for finding 'no recoil' value]
      inspect all the sticky values from memory page. this means, when a match starts or games starts even after re-start, some values still stay in same place. select those values and make group values. and this is how you make best group values!
      then search the group values and refine your recoil values... and freezed them with however you want.
      [remember : when you make group values... make sure, you are selecting values as FLOAT and edit them as float]
      BAM!!! here's you found your no-recoil hacks only for a single gun!
      [if you guyz requests, i will post screenshots, how to do all the stuffs. hence, its pain in àss, i chose not to]
      [if you guyz requests, i will show you - how to make group values for all of your guns of NO RECOIL (ARS, SMG, SNIPER, SHOTGUN, BOLTS, LMG)
    • By Lecso0522
      Hello everyone, I am a little bit embarassed about myself, I was modifying the game values, giving myself cars, currencies and it was going well until I noticed this. (see images) These two vehicles are messed up, can anyone give me a fix?

    • By El_dorado
      I finally found out a way to run GG on Android 10.0, it works 100% 💯. I'm using Android 10 and running GG without root. You can guys should download VMOS. It's a virtual space that runs on version 5.1 so it enables the running of Game Guardian without root. Make sure you enable the "root option" upon installation. You can watch the video on my YouTube channel (Game Lovers Villa) - 
      The download links are provided in the video. Please subscribe as you watch 
    • By Strikesblue
      I'm having some issues with the xor values for example when I input 25 go to xor too see what it is and it says 25=25when it's supposed to be 25=785,621 another example is lets say i put 100 and I go to xor values it still says that xor is = to 25 
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