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Question guidance on bitwise operation symbols

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Question guidance on bitwise operation symbols  .  This symbol  '&'   ,  How to use regular expressions  ,  Just like the error reported in the editor, this error did not affect the running of the script, but it also caused the script to be compiled with the app to fail, because the symbology was a bit strange.   For example, print(a & b) is the correct execution, but if you compile it with app compilation software, you cannot pass the Lua compilation standard   .  How to replace the ampersand or is there any way to avoid this error ❌Screenshot_2020-10-17-23-28-30-608_com.jecelyin.editor_v2.thumb.jpg.4a17fbcf251554da81bfa6cfa8e76eb2.jpg@恩比@压力计

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