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Castle Clash 2020 hack request

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Its a server sided game i know it can't be hacked without an external app but i don't have root tried everything framaroot king root kingo root etcetera etcetera but i dont know if everything is server sided like how the hero's stats used to not be server-side or an external app on mobile NO PC COMP WINDOWS cause i don't have that just an external app on and for mobile that doesn't need root like game guardian on parallel space or you could do something else entirely like replacement for the files or a modded apk with obb idk if it has one but i know how to put an obb in maybe you could transfer the mobile to comp hack it on comp and put it back on mobile or just instructions for how to get it and what type of hacks? Ill list them you don't have to do all of them just some or one or none is ok to bc instructions are good anyways gems unkillable characters modded characters anti ban speeded gameplay mod menu idk if that would work script place down more than 6 hero stands idk what there called be able to place down everything multiple times place outside the boundaries use same heros on different alters free shopping for everything thats all sorry a lot to absorb lol you can do it 😃!!!! Wow im bad at ending the longest run on sentence.

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