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Soul stone hack via chest opening reward

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Hi there. I tried not chest opening,, but modify bush battles reward in offline story mode which was half success. Once you go to the shop u cant use it, since it calls the original value of your soulstone ammount. Idk how should i bypass that. I think something like hack the value while the game loads might work. We should ask a more experienced hacker here 😃

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    • By Lucifer2207
      This is an open request for help hacking the game Evertale. 
      I have managed to freeze health values to make myself invulnerable, change the Silver in game currency to buy weapons and all that, but I cannot change the Gold or Soulstone currency, or at least not make it keep the value I change it to. 
      I managed to change the value of both, but it does not hold its value and cannot be used as though I actually have the amount I've changed it to. This is really annoying because the best gear and characters obtainable is through Soulstone currency. 
      Another thing is I can't change exp, attack, hp or defence values outside of freezing health in a match. 
      Any help here would be greatly appreciated. 

    • By Bogejula
      I need help with hacking inapps currency (soulstone) for a game called Evertale.
      Direct search on game currency is hackable but not for inapp currency.  Already trying with  dword  encrypted search but cant get right value.
      Thanks in advance 
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