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Tap Tap Computer (Request)

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Does anyone know how to do anything with this I've tried all i can think of with what i know maybe anyone on here has any experience with this? I know there's people who exploit it.

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    • By BXB
      I've been play this game on Roblox called The Final Stand 2. I got curious with Game Guardian and tried to search and freeze my health (200) but still died from the zombies, later I tried a encrypted search (200 DWord) and after equipping a perk to increase my health from 200 to 305 I finally came down with 16 values with a combination of DWord and Float. I froze them all and still died thinking my health wouldn't decrease as I take damage. Any suggestions? I know this game has a strong anti cheat. 
    • By Dabeast401
      So I'm attempting to change the value of my diamonds and I've gotten the value to change but it changes back almost immediately. 
      With that said, am I screwed or is there something Im missing?? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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      Does anyone know how to change the monopoly (paid) dice to our liking? please give me a tutorial. For example using an unrandomizer. But I don't know how.
      [added 0 minutes later]  
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      I need some help with this game. 
      It's based on LUA with custom header. While u get into u can modify what u need couse anything else won't work. (At least that's what I think. I tried change values and it work since game reset) 
      Can some1 give me some help. Thank you very much! 
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      When you started that game, it detects GameGuardian and closes. I tried uninstalling GameGuardian and the game starts well without any problem.
      Any solution?

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