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Help on finding value...

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Hello and good day everyone! I need help with this one;

- First you find the value of 75,000,000 (DWORD) is the gold price of two pet.
- Then you switch to the address window to hack.
- Scroll up or down, you will see the address string has a value like this:
- After finding, you fix -1 to any value, edit abcxyz to 0, all values in DWORD.
- Because I am hacking, I cannot record the video from beginning to end so please understand

Can someone help me or simplify the steps above? ^^ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FItZMs9KZ-4&feature=youtu.be) anyways I want to buy wings and they cost real money so I want to turn them into in-game currency values so I can buy them wingzies

These are the 2 pets with 75,000,000 gold value(on the spoiler, the ones hes referring to) this is the only step Ican follow... I dont even know where the address window is... im so bad, help 😞 thanks in advance ^^




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