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Hi Guys,

I tried using GG on Simcity but seems like it doesn't work anymore. I see some people still hacking the game. Anyone knows how to do it?

Many thanks

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      Can anyone please help me out here. I've downloaded and tried both Parallel Face 32 bit and 64 bit, but none of these help me in opening SimCity through Game Guardian. As a matter of fact, the game is not even shown on the GG list. How can I make it work? How can I be able to look for the game on my GG? And then how can I can hack my war cards or war items?
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      Hello Guys,
      Anyone knows how to play with simcity data files? Please DM if you know so we can talk the rest.
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      following last update GG doesnt work on simcity but I see some people still hacking the game so any ideas?
      Have a great day
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