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Hello everyone here. I’m just wondering how to get value like this in Boat Race eventspacer.pngwith GG or any tools.


Please teach me


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      Hello guys 
      I want who can hack me the gold in this game i already tired from many tries and my device not able to be rooted any one if can hacking to me and give me the account which he hacked. I will give him specific gift and expensive but i wanna who can proff in this  part of hacking game.. 
      Finally waiting yours replies thank you 

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      I cant find anything to hack this game on internet, cuz the name make search engine confused.
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      Hackers the game
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      View File Script for Emiliano Buendia (hack Fifa Mobile 20 stats)
      Script to improve Emiliano Buendia (80 RW) stats to 139-140 values
      Watch this video to know how to use the script: 
      Submitter SquadRat Submitted 02/08/2020 Category LUA scripts  
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