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GG won't install on BS tried the Nox version/video

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I finally decided to update the GG on my BS, and now I get a "!" in the GG icon. I even tried the version for Nox (The BlueStacks blocks the installation of GameGuardian. Install GG for Nox or use other emulators, not BlueStacks: Watch video how install (open in new window)) and followed the instructions in the video, but still got the !  Does anyone have any ideas of how to work around this? Thank you so much. Sorry, I have no log because it won't load. I also use Nox, however, I have encountered a situation where I needed the use of 2 different emulators to do a project. 

Screenshot (135).png

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Record a video where it will be seen that you are installing the version for the nox, not the regular version.

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Thank you so much, I worked at it some more, and finally got it to work. I appreciate your prompt response. Thank you again.

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