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GG Logo as ON/OFF Switch

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[Pls Help]
Use the gg logo as toggle on off switch

First launch of script gets the value and puts the script to the background

And when the logo is pressed it activates/deactivates the hack

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if ch==nil then ch=-1 end
function gh()
if gg.isVisible(true) then 
if ch==-1 then
g = gg.choice({'Auto On/Off','Exit'})
if g == 1 then gg.alert('Press Square Box To Exit the script') h()ch=1;ra=-1;end
if g == 2 then os.exit()end
ra = -1;end;end

function h()
y = "main"
if y == "main" then y ="hh" end

if gg.isVisible(false) then
    gg.sleep(100) end

if gg.isVisible(true)
then gg.setVisible(false) end
  if gg.isVisible() then
    ra = 1
  end if ra == 1 then gh() end


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