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I know if you write ..., true) behind the toast text that then the toast will disappear earlier but even if I don't think there is a way I have to ask for it:

Is there a way to say gg how long a toast shall appear?

And if there isn't a way this maybe would be an idea for next update

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No way. Android limitation. Or LONG or SHORT duration. It is constant defined in firmware not in App or even in Android API. So on each device it can be different. It is happen not often, but possible.

It is idea for next update Android. So write in Google. Good luck.


Currently you can redisplay toast after some small time, if you want. Use delay via sleep, Or use loop for check wall clock time and show toast again, if need.

In last case you can do some work in background, not just sleep.

But new toast can blink or do something on appear if this defined in firmware.

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Ok I'll write Google xD Thx for awnsering

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