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41 minutes ago, esselunga said:

I don't know the ban risk either... But there are some functions that could possibly send some telemetry (eg. how many frenzies you got in a race, how much you paid for an item in the shop and so on) that could be manipulated too, but I don't have much time rigth now to check them out (I don't even know if those functions are actually called).

Many things regarding log for in race.

Same thing, don't have the time to go through entire dump to do "everything possible".

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      hello, having game guardian and well rooted android, I would like to know if there are any chances to change the game's values: mario kart tour to be able to increase for example the speed of our character (not that of the game), among other things to know that it is the value that defines the speed in the game.
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