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Marvel contest of champions

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Hello so recently the method where u search 100 in float and then edit it to 0,0001 has stopped working for me

Could u help me find another way to edit my champions power

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    • By Nitrosauris
      Looking for a script or mod for Marvel Strike Force , whatever that can be done would be greatly appreciated.
      Just make sure it's a working mod or script.
    • By JohnLaff
      I would like someone to help me hack this game. Something like a radar map hack, or taking the cooldown out of a spell, like I tried to do.Taking the cooldown from Leech (Smite) works, but only in custom matches. Normal game and Ranked does not work. If anyone can help me fix this, or hack this game, I would appreciate it very much. I'll leave the script I made to remove the Leech cooldown in that topic.
      MSW Leech CD.lua
    • By spinninglink
      I know a topic has been made for this game, but it's been a year, and since then there's been a lot of updates. Used to be able to search for values like health, armor, damage in battles and edit them. It seems after the update to "64 bit", editing the values does nothing in the game. Is it possible to get an update on this game? Thanks! 
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      Hey all you smart smart people, looking for someone to create a bot for fighting through the arena in Marvel Contest of Champions
    • By Morticia78
      So this afternoon running mcoc while in auto fight mode I got ko'd immediately. My setting were correct, it was neither a local or linked power node. I investigated further on regular quests and it happened then as well and would freeze thereafter.
      I uninstalled/reinstalled GG, upgraded to new version: outcome was the same. I am running a rooted version through Virtualxposed, no changes have occurred to my Virtualxposed nor settings. Please help ?
      In addition I have turned off my phone and rebooted.
      My vallues are set to 100 and 0.1. the screen and GG both show the appropriate adjustment ( example me 68k fighting a 700) and still get knocked out on one hit.

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