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Marvel strike force

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I know a topic has been made for this game, but it's been a year, and since then there's been a lot of updates. Used to be able to search for values like health, armor, damage in battles and edit them. It seems after the update to "64 bit", editing the values does nothing in the game. Is it possible to get an update on this game? Thanks! 

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    • By Nitrosauris
      Looking for a script or mod for Marvel Strike Force , whatever that can be done would be greatly appreciated.
      Just make sure it's a working mod or script.
    • By JohnLaff
      I would like someone to help me hack this game. Something like a radar map hack, or taking the cooldown out of a spell, like I tried to do.Taking the cooldown from Leech (Smite) works, but only in custom matches. Normal game and Ranked does not work. If anyone can help me fix this, or hack this game, I would appreciate it very much. I'll leave the script I made to remove the Leech cooldown in that topic.
      MSW Leech CD.lua
    • By Systerni
      Hello so recently the method where u search 100 in float and then edit it to 0,0001 has stopped working for me
      Could u help me find another way to edit my champions power
    • By Xablausz
      Hello guys
      I did this video a little over a year ago showing in detail how to change the values in gg so that our evaluation of heroes was high in the game allowing us to win any fight.
      The video is in Portuguese, but I believe it is clear what should be done for gg to work without problems. I apologize if you are posting in the wrong area, and I also apologize for my poor English.
      As shown in the video, for editing values to work you have to change the data range. Unchecking all the default values and marking only the last 3 options:
      B (bad) Xá (code app) Xs (code system) These changes make it possible to edit the values of the heroes. you should do 100 search in float after finding the value should edit it to any value from:
      0,1 (or any number up to 5) 0,01(or any number up to 5) 0,001 (or any number up to 5) These values raise the evaluation of all your team, but it does not work as a whole, each type of arena or map you have to find new values, on a map where there are linked nodes you need negative values, such as:
      -255 -155 -70 and more Like I said you have to test all the values and evaluate if your life will not be zero or the opponent.
      Avoid killing with just one hit and also avoid using alliance war, I've already lost 3 accounts doing this as soon as it's at your own risk.
      I will be willing to answer all possible questions in the comments.
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