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"Nothing found. Try to search again"

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Game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.undergroundcreative.superstarbandmanager

Goal: Get a large sum of money using game guardian.

No matter what I do, I eventually end up with nothing coming up.

1. Yes I've looked in the help section of the application

2. Yes I've looked at the FAQ page.(I've literally exhausted every source on youtube/google and I've seen nothing)

I've tried all methods of searching within the app and nothing has came up, I've even tried searching for the value encrypted and selecting all the memory ranges.


Q: "But how do you know the game isn't online?"

A. Because lucky patcher works just fine. I even tried editing the in app purchase amount so that I can get $999,999,999 in cash using lucky patcher, no luck.

I've used game guardian on a plethora of games, so i'd like to say that I'm pretty experienced, but for the life of me this is the first game I've seen in which I cannot even find a value.




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Not found. Fix link.

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