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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Gems hack

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My phone is a Vivo Y81. And it's not rootable (confirmed after hours of searching and trying). I want to increase the amount of gems I have in my account in HPHM, sadly the only way to do this is through GameGuardian in a rooted device. 

I tried doing the hack on my own through the GG-Optimized Parallel Space with 64-bit support, I attempted to do NoFear's method (Since it's the only method that can be used to hack gems in this game). But GameGuardian gave me a message of something IO Error related and that my device must be rooted in order to conduct a search. 

Im requesting for someone with a rooted device to help me. Just hit me a PM. All you need to do is to Sign In to my account and conduct NoFear's Gem hack method.

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