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Link Google account to parallel space

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When I try to link my google account to parallel space  it just shows the checking info and it keeps searching.

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Im having the same issue someone please help me i can not able to log into my account so i can hack my game everything seems looping around in checking info.... Screen please somebody help i want to hack guns of boom new update


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    • By lolblow
      Hello guys. I have been following this forum from a long time. I never faced any problem with gg or rest of the applications that i used so far. I have poco f1 with pie update and we recently got some minor updates when i updated my android device i suddenly started encounter problems with parallel space.
      1. I cant able to log into my playstore account
      Like whenever i try to sign in it stucks/loop with checking info... Screen idk whatswrong with it all of a sudden cuz it worked before and now it is not working
      2. I cant log into any games cuz i face an error says google play service cant run which is updating something like that
      I am so sad RN cuz im a noob and i cant spend money in the game so i cant keep up with the stronger accounts or players please help me how to fix these issues look at the image i think its the major problem here 

    • By V4cK
      Hello, i have a problem with parallel space, i put the game in parallel, but when i start the game he is in black screen, and after close the game, my friends use parallel space with the same game and works fine, the game is arena of valor
    • By V4cK
      Hi, im not root, im using parallel space,  but when i start the game on parallel space is black screen and is close automatically, without parallel space its work perflecty, the game is 64bits and i use 64bits support
    • By Anonymousse
      Hey guys I'm new to this whole website and tool. Just recently started playing Archero and its super fun but I can only play it for so long because the game limits you by taking from your maximum "power" per round you play. I started looking into gameguardian and saw that a lot of people are able to basic hack the game using this tool, but for some reason I cant seem to get it working. I run into a problem rather early on: the game just crashes even if opened without gameguardian in the virtual space app. I've tried 3 different apps and they all are incompatible with Archero: Parallel Space, and two others who's names elude me at this time. Any way, I'm just looking for a little help and confirmation if I'm the only one encountering the problem. Thanks!
    • By MinecraftLover
      It doesn't let me install parallel space in Xiaomi... Can someone please help me to install parallel space?
      And I don't have parallel space play store version
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