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Dont gave fish but teach me how to hunt

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iwant learn how make lua scripts and how fined values and know what doing not stole or copy paste iwant  iknow how search  and edit more specific  like iwant master gg and make my own  script and tool hope who know what he doing 

Note (ihave watched  all enyby  videos but still ddnt get it )

Want gave big thx for enyby

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2 minutes ago, Enyby said:

Ihave  read every single word  even the symbol  and video tho but still dumb asf iknow the basics make search or fuzzy  or the encryption  values but my problem how find what iwant like graphics  in games and characters  or make guns less recoil etc...

Should try learn c++ to moding or what 

Thx btw for reply

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