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Hi all, my name is UnijaMortis69...

I hoped I could use Game Guardian in a virtual space just to get more money and gold bars, but almost any free tool or website has survey's and malware. I just want something that really works for me. Hope someone will help me out with how to hack Mini Golf King without anything else then GameGuardian. Thanks for reading, hope you will help me somehow...


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    • By What_The_Buns
      So, I've been playing Dragalia Lost for the past three weeks now and I kind of want to hack/cheat the game but i haven't tried it yet because i don't want to get ban (if its possible to get ban). Does anyone know how to hack/cheat or make a script for Dragalia Lost? I would really appreciate it. 
      Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nintendo.zaga
      Thank you in advance. 
    • By Spelly
      Hey guys,
      does anyone know if it is possible to increase the attribute values of the current version of Hogwarts Mystery v1.15.1 ? I found the values for knowledge with gameguardian, but as soon as I increase them the error message memory error occurs and the game crashes. I don't know if this was possible with earlier versions, because I've been using gameguardian only since yesterday :D So probably I'm just doing something wrong. In any case I pause the game before I change values, but it crashes. Would definitely be nice if someone knew how to increase this attribute, because I don't want to grind the classes in this game for 4 weeks to get to level 30... that's ridiculous. I'm already using a mod that gives me endless energy, but the grind is still beyond anything that can be justified.
    • By WhoAmIActually
      Help requesting guides for hacking Shadow Fight 2 
      Game:Shadow Fight 2
      Game Version:1.9.38
      GameGuardian Version:8.68.4
      Request:Hack Money,Gems And Exp
      What I have tried normal search dword no results for gems and money
      If you guys have lua script i would glad to download it 
      Thank You ?
    • By Amizz
      I saw a request for this game in help so I thought let's try to hack it. But sadly it was too hard for me(xor,fuzzy, encrypted-auto etc didn't work). So I tried Unrandomizer to see if something happens. So I put 777 in qword and back to the game- when I hit a monster I miss but it can dmg me.i died(lol). So next time I put 1000 in qword and this time all hits are crit. Does this mean values in this game are stored in qword? Also if you can try to hack this game it would be great,any help is appreciated.
      Devs did some great work for this offline game. It detects root and modification so I had to hide root. Game link-https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.dreamsky.monsterlegend
      I thought to post this in unintended effects but since this is a help request so posted here.GG.
    • By jojodewi
      Please Teach me ..how to get Free Unlimited Chips in Zynga Holdem Poker.?
      I already Set Up with GG and Paralel Space. Chip has Change..But It can't Real Chips..I couldn't Played.
      Ex :
      Before Change : 250.000
      After change On Display 999.999.999.999
      But..Just can play with Real Chips ( 250.000.)

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