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    • By Mrkemoo
      So I've been using gg for awhile and I been succeeding most of the time but I think I can do better. I want to ask you all to give me some suggestions of games or way to find vaules so I can practice and improve. If you can just please help me out here it would be much appreciated 
      Other that have a good day
    • By HunterJxS
      I want to know if there is a script to have infinite diamonds if it exists could you pass me the link please
    • By HunterJxS
      I occupy root free fire detects me game guardian by putting a warning in Chinese or something like ago so that it does not appear to me
      something like that puts me free fire with game guardian installed

    • By provsnoobgaming
      Recently i decided to download gameguardian agajn
      The app was working 2-3 version ago
      Now i keep getting this error
      heres a logcat
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