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bypass Standoff2 antiCheat + Tutorial apk unity games hacking

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hi i want to share with you what i found out about standoff 2 anti cheat

as you can imagine my account was banned because of aimbot 95% headshots lol ?

(since some people on this forum only know how to copy paste other people lua scripts
 and make same s*** i will also try to learn you something about reverse engineering)

ok lets go back to standoff 2 yes it have anti cheat
you may wonder how i know this

because this is ban code for aimbot
Aimbot = 1101

here is decompiled source code

namespace Axlebolt.Standoff.Anitcheat
    // Token: 0x02000707 RID: 1799
    public static class BanCode
        // Token: 0x04002333 RID: 9011
        public const int InjectionCheat = 1100; this is what detects old gameguardian

        // Token: 0x04002334 RID: 9012
        public const int Aimbot = 1101;

        // Token: 0x04002335 RID: 9013
        public const int DamageCheat = 1102;

        // Token: 0x04002336 RID: 9014
        public const int WeaponAmmoCheat = 1103;

many of games have anti cheat code they check everything
from root on your phone or do you have installed gameguardian
some can detect it some don't since gameguardian is updated regular tnx for that
also they check do you use android emulators like pubg does it and so on.

for now standoff has detected aimbot so anti cheat needs to be broken
before using it. i will need help from you guys ?

here comes a really fun part learning

i will teach you how to hack any unity game

i wanna share with you information how you can decompile any apk

and how you can extract any unity based game to its source code

inside this arm libunity.so file and other so files (those are like dlls in windows)
you can find many goodies like coins silver ammo or whatever
and after finding out what addresses do this stuff you can use gameguardian
to change its values and you can make your own lua hacks or even hex them to make mods


now you wonder how so lets begin

first copy your game apk file from your phone to your pc
(you can use lucky patcher to backup them)
or you can download your game
from markets like aptoide or apkpure directly to your pc

then on your pc

this is how you unpack apk file

by using windows and apktool.jar
or if you don't like it's cmd interface
you can use gui tool "APK Easy Tool 1.54"

(this tools need java so go download java)
ok after installing java

download apktool 2.3.4 from github)

then extract and copy apktool and your apk to same directory

 open command prompt
(go to windows start menu then run then type cmd)

inside command prompt type

CD C:\Users\YourUserName\Desktop\DecompileAPK\

"go to your directory where you extracted apktool and copied your apk"

now type

java -jar apktool.jar d -s YourGameName.apk


ok after extracting YourGame.apk
go and download

Il2CppDumper from github

"that's a tool that dumps unity games libs .so to .dll files so we can read it"

i recommend you search google for  Il2CppDumperGUI 1.0.5
since its more easy i will be using it


open Il2CppDumperGUI

(in your extracted unity game folder

there is folder \lib\arm

inside is a file libil2cpp.so )

so in Il2CppDumperGUI we select our binary "libil2cpp.so"

then select "global-metadata.dat"

( that file is located inside


so select it

then "optionally" you can select output directory or leave it as it is


press big button [Start Dumping]


ok now you have dumped unity source dll files

hmm what to do with it you say

to read source code from dll files

you will need program called dnSpy

so go download "dnSpy v5" from github


open dnSpy

in menu [file] press "close all" you will not need windows dll

again in menu [file] press "open"

navigate to folder where you dumped your unity source dlls

select all and open it

now fun begins with dnspy

press [edit] then find

you can search words like gold , silver , ammo , awards , you can hack whatever you can think off

after browsing tru code you will find many interesting stuff
like hex addresses their float values dword values
and you will learn how game works

then after you find something
use your phone while looking at your pc

open gameguardian and your game
load address saved list in gameguardian
or type addresses and change them values and test it

you can easy copy address from dnspy
and save it in file.dump
then load that saved list from gameguardian


i will show you example
back to standoff 2
this is what makes aimbot

Var #8E8FE664aimbot+20bigsoldiers|8e8fe664|10|41a00000|0|0|0|64|r-xp|

don't use aimbot because you will get ban

see a part of source code for anti cheat below
it communicate with server in many parts of a code
so to freeze it in gameguardian or to kill it
you will need to look tru all source code and block all addresses
and still your stats headshots on server will give you ban i dont know if client game
plays any part in that i think that it’s only shows you msg needs testing
even hex editing a files will not help you in standoff2
because game checks its SHA(secure hash algorithm)

what to do i don't know (don't use aimbot)
maybe some day someone will brake their anticheat ?

Be smart and play safe
I hope you learned something today
leave a like
peace out I'm out

part of source code of anti cheat ?
for non believers

using System;
using Axlebolt.Standoff.Player.Hit;
using Il2CppDummyDll;
using UnityEngine;

namespace Axlebolt.Standoff.Game.Anticheat
    // Token: 0x0200063E RID: 1598
    public class AimbotAntiCheat : IAntiCheat, IHitEventListener
        // Token: 0x060026FF RID: 9983 RVA: 0x0000B828 File Offset: 0x00009A28
        [Address(RVA = "0xC93B7C", Offset = "0xC93B7C")]
        public void OnPreInitialize()

        // Token: 0x06002700 RID: 9984 RVA: 0x0000B82C File Offset: 0x00009A2C
        [Address(RVA = "0xC93EBC", Offset = "0xC93EBC")]
        public void OnInitialize()

        // Token: 0x06002701 RID: 9985 RVA: 0x0000B830 File Offset: 0x00009A30
        [Address(RVA = "0xC93EC0", Offset = "0xC93EC0")]
        public void OnReturnToPool()

        // Token: 0x06002702 RID: 9986 RVA: 0x0000B834 File Offset: 0x00009A34
        [Address(RVA = "0xC93EC4", Offset = "0xC93EC4")]
        public void OnHitEvent(HitEventArgs args)

        // Token: 0x06002703 RID: 9987 RVA: 0x0000B838 File Offset: 0x00009A38
        [Address(RVA = "0xC946E8", Offset = "0xC946E8")]
        public void OnSuicideEvent(PhotonPlayer player)

        // Token: 0x06002704 RID: 9988 RVA: 0x0000B83C File Offset: 0x00009A3C
        [Address(RVA = "0xC946EC", Offset = "0xC946EC")]
        public AimbotAntiCheat()

        // Token: 0x04001FC7 RID: 8135
        [FieldOffset(Offset = "0x8")]
        private CapsuleCollider _collider;



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game is updated again and anticheat is updated someone needs to hex edit and patch libil2cpp.so to try to block anticheat

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Game guardian is detected by standoff2 and also what addresses do I need to change for coins?

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hi mac 10 I'm Brazilian here in Brazil has several channels on YouTube with your script and everybody searches for you only you can do the hack oara standoff do not give up I know you can do it

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