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Critical ops servers hidden in Virtual environments with Game Guardian fix

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There's been a bug with critical ops with game guardian such as force process close or no servers available I will teach you how to fix that

Its because if the app detects you, using a virtual space its signed as a modified app so the servers will be hidden but I'll tell you how to fix that


1. You NEED lucky patched for this

Open lucky patches and select critical ops go to Critical ops>Make modified apk>Apk without Google play license verification 


Then tick the following options:

AutoMode (Inversed)

Other patches (EXTREME MODE)

Remove Dependencies 


Then rebuild the app and tick keep backup after installation This will keep the obb file


Then insert critical ops into parallel space open game guardian and start it up


Open Critical ops and quickly minimize it (this will keep the app process for game guardian and just execute scripts or edit the codes)


You can do this as many times as you like just, try not to get banned ?

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