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Unrandomizer - Green function boxes

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Ok, trying to understand more of how this thing works. Ive run into a few games where it works partially...

Slots Journey - Shows  green square on App line 1. Selecting Qword with any number during the friends gift spins gives you the highest symbol payout on all lines, but freezes the game on normal machine spins.

Double U Casino - Shows green square on App line 1. Selecting Qword with different number ranges on the Video Poker games gets you anywhere from Straight Flush (Qword set to 0) to no wins. Classic slot machines gives you similar results, but hitting big isnt as easy as setting Qword to 0. The regular slot machines I havent been able to determine anything yet. My regular account was also banned after several weeks.

Legendary: Game of Heroes - Ive been very successful with modifying various aspects of the game, but I havent found anything where Unrandomizer works. I coulda swore that App line 1 had a green square, but earlier the green square was in Java line 6 or so. Restarted both the game and GG and now no green squares anywhere. 

I'm assuming the Java line doesnt work with Android 5.0 and above? Read that about how Speedhacking wont work with Java timers with newer Androids. Any restrictions with the System and Other columns? And any advice/reasons for the issues above?

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